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Latest K-Pop Music Thursday, 18 October 2018

JUNHO - 겨울잠 (Winter Sleep).mp3
Size: 3.27 MB | Album: 겨울잠 (Winter Sleep)
Davichi - 우리 둘.mp3
Size: 3.93 MB | Album: &10
Davichi - 너 없는 시간들 (Days Without You).mp3
Size: 4.22 MB | Album: &10
Davichi - 알아서 앓아요.mp3
Size: 3.92 MB | Album: &10
Davichi - 그래도 우리.mp3
Size: 4.25 MB | Album: &10
Davichi - 사랑하지 말아요.mp3
Size: 3.55 MB | Album: &10
Davichi - 아픈 끝.mp3
Size: 4.37 MB | Album: &10
Davichi - 지난 날.mp3
Size: 4.05 MB | Album: &10
Davichi - 미워도 사랑하니까 (Special Track).mp3
Size: 5.01 MB | Album: &10
Standing Egg - 별의 조각 (From the star).mp3
Size: 4.16 MB | Album: DRAMATIC
Standing Egg - Love or Like (with Whee In of Mamamoo, JISIM).mp3
Size: 3.75 MB | Album: DRAMATIC
Standing Egg - 여름밤에 우린 (Summer Night You And I).mp3
Size: 3.22 MB | Album: DRAMATIC
Standing Egg - 뚝뚝뚝 (Rain Drop) (with YeSeul).mp3
Size: 3.43 MB | Album: DRAMATIC
Standing Egg - 너라면 괜찮아 (Cuz it`s you).mp3
Size: 3.96 MB | Album: DRAMATIC
Standing Egg - 오늘 밤은 (Tonight) (with JISIM).mp3
Size: 3.60 MB | Album: DRAMATIC
Standing Egg - 바보야 (Foolish) (with Lee Hae Ri of Davichi).mp3
Size: 3.48 MB | Album: DRAMATIC
Park Boram - 꿈만 같아 (Like A Dream).mp3
Size: 2.89 MB | Album: Prison Playbook OST Part.3
Standing Egg - 널 사랑했을까 (If I Knew).mp3
Size: 4.55 MB | Album: DRAMATIC
Standing Egg - 사랑의 계절 (Season of Love) (with YeSeul).mp3
Size: 3.60 MB | Album: DRAMATIC
Baek Ah Yeon, Wendy (Red Velvet) - 성냥팔이 소녀 (The Little Match Girl).mp3
Size: 4.06 MB | Album: 성냥팔이 소녀 (The Little Match Girl) - SM STATION
Noh Si Hyun - Beautiful Memory.mp3
Size: 3.70 MB | Album: 3:00 AM Season 2 Special OST
Ian Kim - 혼잣말 (Monologue).mp3
Size: 4.02 MB | Album: 3:00 AM Season 2 Special OST
So Chan Whee (feat. Luda Of Dickids, Kim Hyun Bi) - Born To Be Free.mp3
Size: 3.04 MB | Album: Witch At Court OST Part.5
Yeontae (IN2IT) - 내 멋대로 (My Way).mp3
Size: 4.03 MB | Album: Revolutionary Love OST Part.5
Min Chae - Another Me.mp3
Size: 4.28 MB | Album: Black OST Part.3
Takada Kenta - 넌 예뻐 (You’re Pretty).mp3
Size: 2.85 MB | Album: Love Returns OST Part.3
BP Rania - LOOK AT ME.mp3
Size: 3.40 MB | Album: Happy Sisters OST Part.1
Jung Somin - 그대가 있어서 (Because You’re Here).mp3
Size: 4.24 MB | Album: Because This Is My First Life OST
Lim Do Hyuk - 비처럼 음악처럼 (Like Rain, Like Music).mp3
Size: 3.80 MB | Album: Doubtful Victory OST Part.1
Chan Yang - 울어도 돼 (You Can Cry).mp3
Size: 4.14 MB | Album: Mad Dog OST Part.3
Latest Albums October 2018

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